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Bhaca Women Singing and Danging during First Fruit Ceremony

Bhaca women singing and dancing during the first fruit ceremony

Contest of Skills

Contest of skills among great number of warriors outside Zulu homestead - Scenes of b. 1898

Fort Napier, Pietermaritzburg - 1853

Views in Natal 1844 - 1853

Fort Napier, Pietermaritzburg 1853

Driving The Bull

Driving the bull to the kraal (Part of Umkhosi wokweshwama celebration)

Catching The Bull

Catching the bull (Part of Umkhosi Wokweshwama Celebration)

Small group of worriors surrounding Zulu hut

WCP 1040 Small group of warriors surrounding Zulu hut

Skiming of zulu worriors

WCP 1039 Skiming of zulu worriors

Two men and a woman outside a zulu hut

WCP 1037 Two men and a woman outside a Zulu hut.

Chief homestead being surronded by worriors

WCP 380

Zulu homestead with dance contes outside

WCP 1035

Dancing contest with Zulu homestead in foreground

WCP 288 Dancing contested with Zulu homestead in foreground

Line of the worriors approaching a chief and in homestead

WCP 969


WCP 1903

Self Potrait

WCP 3031

Beloved daughter of africa

WCP 3032 Beloved daughter of Africa

Hippopotamus At waterhole

WCP 3060

Self Potrait

WCP 1728 Self portrait

Crack of sevices

WCP 1727 Crack of sevices

Deserted wives

WCP 1687 Deserted wives

The Runner

The runner (Part of uMkhosi Wokweshwama Celebration)


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