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Peace, Sir Walter 1840-1917

Sir Walter Peace's old home. tollgate, Durban.

West street

 Depicting buildings shops with sandy road

West street

 West street looking west from gardner street

West street

 West street looking east from field street

West srteet $ field street corner

 Depicting Darys store and lamp post

Ladysmith 1882

The town, with a church in middle foreground.

West street

 West street depicinng an imposing double storey building featuring adress

Horse drawn tram

Horse drawn tram with passengers. probably in Berea road.

Umngeni River

 Umngeni Viewed from the North Bank

Hope cottage

The cottage depicted in a large garden.

Gardner street 1860

Corner of Gardner and West street

Langalibalele Rebellion, 1873

Langalibalele Rebellion: Bushmen's Pass mountain in background, and at centre small figures of a group of the contigent of Basuto guides

Langalibalele Rebellion, 1873

Langalibalele Rebellion, 1873

Durban, 1883

Durban 1883

Durban, 1879

Durban, 1879

Durban, 1870

Durban, 1870

"Lala Kahle Mfowethu"

"Lala kahle mfowethu" - Scene of a crowd of mourners in church, rural village. 

Ebony Shopping Centre

Ebony Shopping Centre - Scene of shopping complex and people in a township with modern square house and a church behind.  

Inja Kagogo

Inja ka Gogo - Scene of an elderly woman and a dog on a path in a rural village 

Napoleon Louis Bonaparte, Prince Imperial of France, 1856-1879

Napoleon, Louis Bonaparte, Prince Imperial of France, sketch depicting his death


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