Campbell Collections

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Cooper, William

Cooper, Advocate

Cooper, William

Cooper, William

De Wet, Christiaan Rudolph 1854-1922

De Wet Christiaan Rudolph

Debble Jane Cecelia 1879

Nursed despatched to Natal during the Zulu war; from left to right: Harriet William, Anne Crispe, Marie Gerrad, Mrs Debble, Joan Gray, Margaret Selby and Alice Hawkley.

Dartnell Sir John George, 1838-1913

General Sir J.G Dartnell

Damon Nancy 1840-1849

Damon Nancy

Currie Walter, 1819-1872

Currie Walter 1819-1872

Eshowe Tennis Club

Eshowe Tennis Club

Eshowe residents picicing

Eshowe residents picnicing

Durban resident

Durban Residents on the houseboat in the bay.

Durban Residents

Durban resident on opening day of the hydraulic system group

Durban resident

Durban residents at the opening of the Town Hall

Graduation Ceremony

Durban, City Hall, Graduation Ceremony

Durban Sir Benjamin

Durban , Sir Benjamin

Currie Sir Donald, 1825-1909

Sir Donald Currie

Durban Cricket Club

Durban Cricket Club (Unidentified )

Chard John Ruse Merriott, 1848-1897

Chard John Merriott seated in military dress 1848-1897

Durban Borough police force

Durban Borough police force, Indian Division

Crowder Sam

Sam Crowder

Durban Borough police force

Durban Borough police force ( from left to right) : Sgts Bond, Simpkins and Grant.


1835 records found.