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Captain Nachtgnbach

Captain Nachtgnbach 

Middelburg Conference, 28 February 1901

Middelburg Conference, 28 February 1901. Meeting between Lord Kitchener and General Botha, (from lefte to right) Standing: unidentified British officer,? Van Velden, unidentified British officer, Captain H.

Boer Scouts

Group of four Boer Scouts dress in khakhi

Boer Gun

Boer gun made in Fiksburg

The deadly herb

The deadly herb

Asleep, with head on the table

Asleep, with head on the table, cup, cigarettes and candle burning in a shack.

Boer Drill Master

 Drill master with young merit

Zulu Royal Family

 Zulu Royal Family

Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek

 Boer Dputation 19000

Zatthulle and family

 Zatthulle and Family

Woo Henry Evenly

 Wood Sir Henry Evelyn 1838-1919

Wolseley Garnet

 Wolseley Garnet . A group of military official.

Wolseley Garnet

 Wolseley Garnet Joseph 1 Viscount Wolseley of cairiand Wolseley 1833-1914

Wilson Robert

Wilson Sir Robert T. fl 1806

Wahlberg Johan

Wahlberg Johan August 1810-1856

Voortrekker centenary

 Voortrekker Centenary Durban Committee

White Field Marshall Sir George Stuart 1835-1912

Lieut General Sir George White

West Martin 1804-1849

West Martin

Wesleyan council Natal

Wesleyan Council Natal

Victoria mounted rifles

Six men in uniform seated outside a tent


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