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costume headdress

Headdress for married woman. Shembe

costume headdress

Headdress married woman, Inanda

costume headdress

Headdress worn by married woman in Bathenjini clan, Msinga

Loin cover

Male backskin or ibheshu

Costume dress

Ibheshu male back apron of synthetic leather beaded from uMvoti

Loin cover

Backskin or ibheshu for Zulu male, Msinga

Loin cover

Sotho male loindress of leather

Backskirt worn by married women from Ndwedwe district

Backskirt cloth applique worn by married Zulu woman to cover isidwaba from Ndwedwe district c1984. Termed umtakelo.

Back wrap skirt worn over isidwaba by married women from Ndwedwe area

Back wrap skirt with layered cloth edge. Worn by married women from Ndwedwe area over isidwaba along with bustle. Apron worn in front. c1960-1980s

Backskirt cloth heavily beaded worn by married Bhaca women from Richmond c1960s

Backskirt cloth heavily beaded. Worn by Bhaca women of the Richmond area over their other skirts, c1960s

Bhaca beaded costume from Himeville, 1983

Backskirt worn by married Bhaca women  of Himevilleas a backskirt c1960. (umgudlo)

Beaded backskirt cloth worn by engaged girls (izibaxelo zomakoti ogubudele)

Backskirt cloth with heavy beading. Worn by engaged girls as backskirt in dress for trial marriage visit to future in-laws-family.

Bhaca from Himeville back skirts worn by married women, c1983

Backskirt layers of cloth each underlaps other with one under cloth. More modern style of Bhaca married woman 's backskirt in the Hemivillie area 1983

Bhaca beaded costume from Himeville, 1983

Backsirt heavily beaded with fringe along bottom. Worn by engaged girl who is on a marriage trial to her future in-laws family. Bhaca from Himeville

Bhaca from Richmond back skirts worn by married women, c1952

Blackskirt cloth heavy beading worked onto cloth. Worn as backcloth by Bhaca married women c1952 in Richmond

Bhaca backskirts c1960

Various Bhaca backskirts c1960's from Richmond collected by Dr. B. Tyrrell now in the Natal Museum collection. 

Bhaca costume from Richmond, c1952

All Bhaca from Richmond by Barbara Tyrrell c1952

Bhaca from Richmond beaded costumes

All Bhaca from Richmond collected by Barbara Tyrrell, c1952


Scene of African women planting vegetables in the garden, cattle graze on field nearby and homestead in the background.

Jesus talks to three Africans

Jesus talks to three Africans 


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