Campbell Collections

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Hippocratic oath ceremony

Hippocratic oath ceremony: from left to right: prof.S.Kark, Dr J. Drummond, Dr M. Palmer, Dr Grant White, Dr E Malherbe and Dr G Campbell

Gibson Perla

Gibson, Perla Siedle 1888-1971

Fynn papers

Fynn papers: Mr Fynn, Mrs E. Narks and Dr Killie Campbell, at opening in 1948

Fynney Frederick

Fynney, Frederick Bernard

Fynn Henry

Fynn, Henry Francis, 1803-1861

Fynn, Henry

Fynn Henry Francis, 1803-1861

Hilton College Rugby Team

Hilton college Rugby team

Hilton College, Hilton

Hilton College

Haggard, Sir Henry Rider, 1856-1925

Haggard Sir Henry Rider 1856-1925

Frith, Lieut. F.J. Cokagne

Frith, lieut. F. J. Cokagne officer of the 17th Lancers

Agroup of early Durban residents at a picnic.

Group of Durban residents at a picnic. standing: Miss Robinson, Mr Field, Alice Robinson, LT. Collingwood

Franklin lieut. Reginald

FRanklin, Lieut. Reginald William  a drawing depicting head and shoulders.

Agroup of Pietermaritzburg residents

Group of Pietermaritzburg residents, from left to right (back raw) C. Taunton, K. Hathorn, A. Moodie, C. Butlin, (FRONT ROW) Dr Scot, Undentified

Fleming leonard

fLEMING, Leonard Denman, 1880-1946

A group of early Durban residents

Group of Durban residents

First four Governors of the Province

First  four Governors of the Province

Grellier, H. Harley 1940

Grellier H. Harley 1940

First DurbanBoys Brigade

First Durban boys Brigade

Graham, Col John 1778-1821

Graham John 1778-1821

Gordon Charles George 1833-1885

Captain C.G Gordon. secretary to the governor in 1856


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