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A thatched rondavel


Unlabelled photograph


Ramseyer/ Kruger family papers (KCM 96/2) ;

File 28 ;

Page 31b



B4: A woman kneeling on the ground, working on a mixture


Unlabelled photograph

Description: This faded photograph depicts a woman in a garden area, kneeling on the ground, and patting or moulding a mixture onto the ground.  


B3: Nkoebe and his men


Handwritten label on page: "Nkoebe & his men"

Description:  The photograph depicts a group of men, many of them carrying guns and wearing ammunition belts.


B2: Photograph of two houses with mountains in the background


Handwritten label on page: "Dyke house"

Description: The photograph depicts a stony dirt road leading to two houses, with gardens in front of the houses.  One house appears to have a pergola in front of the house.  


B1: A group of thatched rondevals situated in a mountainous area


Unlabelled photograph

Beer Skimmer

A Zulu beer skimmer made from ilala palm. Handle partly split into 2 parts . Brown pattern in bow.

Apron worn by married women of the Bathenjini clan of Msinga c1950-1960

Apron cloth worn beaded worn by married women in the Bathenjini clan area of Msinga c1980s

Apron worn by married women from eMabomvini clan uMsinga c1970

Apron worn by married women from eMabomvin clan uMsinga c1970s

Wooden spoon

Carved Spoon of one piece of wood(damaged, made frm a Lekkerbreek wood from Waterberg area.It is a large bowl with  an interesting handle and two round cables attached to the handle. 

Apron worn by married Zulu women from Ndwedwe c1980s

Ndwedwe Zulu married women's apron c1980s

Zulu girdle

A beaded Zulu skirt in white, blue, green and red. Large back apron with halved diamonds and frontal apron in white, blue and red scarpped pattern attached to the fringed belt. This was worn by women.

Apron worn by Bhaca married worn from Hela Hela or Helele area, by Mtholo family 1989-90

Apron with plastic beadwork edge worn by married Bhaca women over isidwaba in the KwaMadakana (Hela-Hela or Helele) area Richmond by Mtolo family 1989-90

Pregnancy apron worn by Ndwedwe married woman c1980s

Pregnancy apron worn by married women from Ndwedwe c1980


A woooden carved spoon (black and light brown, from KwaZulu-Natal

Apron worn by married Zulu women from Ndwedwe c1980s

Apron cloth applique worn by married Zulu woman over traditional dress, termed iphinifa, from the Ndwedwe district c1980's

Apron cloth beaded with alphabetical motif worn by married women from Ndwedwe c1989-90

Apron cloth beaded with alphabetical motifs worn by married Zulu woman as front apron for special occassions, termed uTshodo, from Ndwedwe c1980-90

Apron front worn by married women from Ndwedwe, 1970-80

Apron front with large 'Basuto' glass bead edge c1970-80 worn by married women from Ndwedwe 

Apron worn by married women from Ndwedwe

Apron cloth applique work worn by married women from Ndwedwe c1988-9

Apron black cloth with beading for married Bhaca women from uMzimkhulu 1984

Apron black cloth with beaded edge. Worn by married Bhaca women in uMzimkhulu area 1984. Worn under breast cloth and over red apron.(indwangu emnyama)

Beaded apron cloth worn by Bhaca women from uMzimkhulu, 1984

Apron cloth with beadwork edge motif letters of elphabet. Worn by unmarried Bhaca women from uMzimkhulu 1984. Indwangu ebomvu.


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