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Installation of a native chief (Ngcobo chief?)

Slaughtered ox during the installation ceremony of a Zulu chief.

Baroer, Cheif of the Bawangkersie

Baroer, Chief of the Bawangkersie, granting concession to Mofarts J and S Weil-British Protectorate, Bechuanaland

Monsia-chief of the Barolongs and wife

Monsia-Chief of the Barolongs(aged 80) and wife in Mafikeng 1890

Zulu youth maiden

Zulu youth maiden-kaffir hut in background

Married Zulu woman and child

Married Zulu woman and child

The Magennis park

 Magennis park

Victoria falls

 Victoria falls

The Vaal river

 The v=Vall river , South Africa

The chasin from above Victoria falls

 The chasin from above victoria falls

The brigde over Zambezi River below Victtoria falls

 The brigde over victotia falls

Victoria falls

 Eastern cataract victiria falls

Victorian falls

 Victorian falls

Victorian falls

 Victoria falls

Near Victoria falls

 Near victoria falls

Victorian falls

Victorian falls

The boiling pot

 The boiling pot  Victoria falls

Windor casttle

 Windsor casttle

War memorail

 War memorial Uitenhage

Gxara falls

 Gxra falls Trennery`s Qolora mouth transkei

Convent of the holy cross

 Gala Tembuland  Convent of the Holy Cross


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