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Seven men at the verandah of a corrugated iron house, posing with hunting rifles and three small antelope, possibly duiker


Label on back of photograph:

"A A [Blow] Esq        A T Metcalf"  

Note: From the label, it appears that the man seated at the left of the picture, smoking a pipe, is A.T. Metcalf, and the man seated on the right, patting a dog, is A.A. [Blow].



Alfred Thomas Metcalf


Label on back of photograph:

"To wish you and yours a Right Happy Christmas & New Year.  From Mr & Mrs Metcalf"  



Erskine family papers (KCM 98/57) ;

File 5


Greetings card from Alfred Thomas Metcalf, with photograph


Written on the photograph: "Father".

The text printed on the card: " 'I wish you all the joy that you can wish.' Merchant of Venice.  From ..." [The card is signed "A.T. Metcalf", in pencil] 


Card from Alfred Thomas Metcalf, Hearty Greeting


Embossed on the card: "Hearty Greeting".

Handwritten note on the card: "Pictures of A.T. Metcalf who married Sissie (Sarah) Blamey"


Margaret Ellen Louise Metcalf


Notes on back of photograph :

"For Monty.  Dec: 1894"

"Margaret Ellen Louise Metcalf" (written in pencil in a different handwriting)


Printed on back of photograph:

West street garden

West-Street Gardens, Durban

Durban town hall

Durban town hall

Town hall

Town hall and public Raths

City hall

City hall, Durban

General post office

General post office, Durban

"Military Camp" Durban

"Military Camp", Durban

Town Hall, Durban

Town Hall, Durban

Durban Girls High School

Durban Girls High School

Town Hall, Durban

Town Hall and Smith Street, Durban

Town Hall, Durban

Town Hall, Durban

The Town Hall from Royal Hotel, Durban

Twon Hall Durban

Town Hall, Durban

Town Hall, Durban

Durban City Hall

Town Hall and Gardens, Durban

Durban's famous War Memoria

Durban's famous War Memorial

Queen's Statue Park

Queen's statue, Park, Durban


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