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The awakening of a people

The author has endeavoured to enhance the awakenig of the people; of the oppressed, by evolving the All-African Convention with new ideas in light of approaching the struggle for liberation. The book analyses new concepts and methods of struggle; on the basis of the Ten-Point Programme.

The Higher education of Blacks in the United States

The twenty-fifth lecture in the Hoernle Memorial Lecture series delivered by Alan Pifer, and discusses the "experience of Black Americans with higher education, or, perhaps, the American experience with the higher education of Blacks".

The Plural society in Africa

The twenty first in the Heornle Memorial Lectures delivered by Meyer Fortes in which he describes and evalutes pluralism in Africa. The social and political impact on Africa, its development and on its society, is obviously noted from the existing diversities of cultures and ideas.

Great power conspiracy

This book examines the relationship between super world powers such as Great Britain, United States of America, France and the Federal Republic of Germany and South Africa and their impact on economic and political development in southern Africa

The Government of divided communities

The fourteenth Hoernle Memorial Lecture delivered by David Thomas in which he describes the fears of the worlds population and the fact that there are different races in the world, and they all vary in their social and economic development.

Education for barbarism: Bantu (Apartheid) education in South Africa

The author, himself, one of the leaders in the unity movement and in the struggle for liberation, tries to focus attention on the education system in South Africa, specifically the Bantu education system. Page 4 blank from the original document.

Race, culture and personality

The fifteenth Heornle Memorial Lecture delivered by Dr.

Can Africa come of age?

The sixteenth Hoernle Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor C.W. de Kiewiet in which he discusses Africa and it's political situation as seen from the rest of the world.

Liberty, equality, fraternity-today

The seventeenth Hoernle Memorial Lecture delivered by D.V. Cowen in which he describes how South Africa and its citizens would benefit by working together to gain democracy and to ensure that the country moves away from discrimination.

Apartheid: a crisis of the Christian conscience

This address by Denis Hurley covers the South African political situation around the path of Christian ethics, love, and morals to lead us to the goal of racial peace in South Africa. The Alfred and Winifred Hoernle Memorial Lecture 1964.

Handbook of Black Organisations

Handbook containing extensive information about Black cultural,educational, political, professional, religious, self-help, student, welfare and youth organisations

"Are there South Africans?"

The twentieth Alfred and Hoernle Memorial Lecture delivered by Sir Keith Hancock in which the title of his talk questions the integrative or disintegrative trend of politics including the elements of South African life.

Separate development: the challenge of the Transkei

The nineteenth Alfred and Winifred Hoernle Memorial lecture.The Transkei became a semi-autonomous territory in Decmber 1963 and separate territorial development began to take place.

A Survey of race relations in South Africa: 1963

A survey of race relations in South Africa in 1963 and includes chapters on: Policies and attitudes; New non-White organizations and their activities; Political refugees and absentees; Control of publications; The Population of South Africa, and measures to deter intermingling; The African reserv

Apartheid destabilisation: Pretoria's strategy in Southern Africa

ANC booklet on apartheid destabilisation.

What can I do? A guide to action against apartheid

ANC booklet published in cooperation with the World Assembly of Youth as an appeal for assistance in the campaign for economic and diplomatic sanctions, an arms embargo and the total isolation of South Africa.

We are at war!

ANC illustrated booklet in five languages on the history of the liberation struggle, apartheid and the ANC.

Manifesto of the Communist Party

Communist Party pamphlet sent into South Africa illegally. False cover with the title What animal is it, by R Bikale. (incomplete)

Bekamping van die revolution:re aanslag

Document outlining the mission of the South African Government to eliminate the guerilla movement which threatens the security of its civilians and a basic plan for counter guerilla action. Attached is a document, in Afrikaans, outlining the implementation of the counter revolutionary strategy.


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