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What is a constitution?

Booklet published by the African National Congress Constitutional Committee. A discussion document prepared for the Constitutional Committee of the ANC to encourage and promote discussion on the structure and content of a new, non-racial non-sexist and democratic constitution of South Africa.

Race relations survey 1988/89

A survey of race relations in South Africa in 1988/89 and includes chapters on: Health and welfare; Social segregation; Homelands; Population and settlement; Housing; Education; The economy and business; Employment; Labour relations; Government and constitution; Security; Political developments;

Race relations survey: 1987/88

A survey of race relations in South Africa in 1987/88 and includes chapters on: African removals; Population and race classification; Political developments; Transport; Government and constitution; Education; Housing; Religious Organisations; Social segregation; Sport; Employment; Business; Econo

A 70th Birthday Tribute to Oliver Tambo

Booklet to mark Oliver Tambo's 70th birthday.

SWAPO news and views: fighting for freedom and justice in solidarity

SWAPO news and views: fighting for freedom and justice in solidarity. Book discussing: New year messsage to the Namibia people, Comrade Enerst Kadungure calls for solidarity in fight agaist apartheid, Liberal struggle will continue in Namibia etc.

The Kairos document: a theological comment on the political crisis in South Africa

Book containing chapters on The moment of truth; Critique of State Theology; Critique of Church Theology; Towards a Prophetic Theology; Challenge to action.

Education is the key to change in South Africa

In this paper, at the the very outset, Bozolli, has expectations of change in the educational pattern as well as change in attitudes. The effects of segregating schools has led to a system of segregated universities in South Africa.

We will not move: the struggle for Crossroads

A report compiled by the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) covering the period 1975 to 1978 detailing police raids and the intended closure of Crossroads.

Majority rule: some notes

This forms part of a collection of articles which formed part of a series in The Educational Journal. The series of articles has dissected the concept Majority Rule and analyses it with regard to its meaning in the South African situation.

The Role of multinational corporations in South Africa

The 32nd Hoernle lecture delivered by Rev.

White and Black nationalism, ethnicity and the future of the homelands

This is the twenty-sixth lecture in the Hoernle Memorial Lecture series delivered by Chief M Gatsha Buthelezi who addresses the future of South Africa with regards to separate development for the Blacks and establishing homelands and homeland policies.

The divine intention

Chapter in a book containing the presentation by Desmond Tutu to the Ellof Commission of Enquiry, 1 September 1982.

God made us all, but ... Racism and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches

Chapter in a book about the role of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches in the struggle against racism. Note that only 2 of the 10 pages are available.

Dissension in the ranks: White opposition in South Africa

Book that covers debates by the Liberal Party, the South African Institute of Race Relations, the Black Sash, the African Resistance Movement and the South African Congress of Democrats on the issue of opposition to the South African Government

Imperialist conspiracy in Africa

This book contains a collection of selected articles by I B Tabata, the president of the Unity Movement of South Africa.

Die RSA se belange en die RSA-regering se doel, doelstellings en beleid vir orderlike regering

Document, in Afrikaans, about South Africa's national interests and the governments' goals for orderly administration, approved by the Cabinet

Dead in one's own lifetime

This book contains a collection of papers presented at the NUSAS Art and Liberation Week, held at UCT, 1-4 May 1979.

Towards racial justice: will there be a change of heart?

This is the 31st lecture delivered by Alan Paton at the 50th Anniversary Conference of the South African Institute of Race Relations on July 3, 1979 in which the author portrays the social and political injustices in South Africa.

South Africa is coming back: our children

ANC booklet issued during 1979, International Year of the Child. Issues covered include family life under apartheid, child health under apartheid, child farm labour, educational provision for black children in South Africa and the youth in the struggle.

Women without men: a study of 150 families in the Nqutu district of KwaZulu

Results of research conducted into the income, expenditure and livestock ownership of the average family settled in Bantu Homelands. The research also looks at the socio-economic impact of migrant labour on Black families and the negative effects of separate development.


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