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Labour Party, TIC, UDF Press Cuttings
Letter from Mangosuthu Buthelezi to Archie Gumede
Draft resolution submitted to Annual Provincial Conference of the Natal Indian Congress held in Durban

Draft Resolution

Minutes, Circulars and Agendas of the Natal Indian Congress in 1950

1950 minutes and agendas

Natal Indian Congress and United Democratic Front - 1983-1986

Newspaper Articles

Letter from Mangosuthu G Buthelezi to the President of the United Democratic Front
Peter Brown/Reality Collection: UDF rally, Pietermaritzburg

Black and white print 20.1 x 25.3

Freedom Charter

The Freedom Charter is a unique document in that for the first time ever, the people were actively involved in formulating their own vision of an ...

Letter from A J Gumede to Dr Oosthuizen
New Deal? South Africa 1983

On 20th August 1983, the United Democratic Front was launched at the Rockland Civic Centre in Cape Town. It was a broad coalition of anti apartheid organizations that opposed the government's constitutional reform proposals.


Summons in the matter between McCormack Textile Printers(Plaintiff) and COSATU (Defendant) issued by the Plaintiff's attorneys.

Search warrant

Search warrant to search the United Democratic Front premises and to seize articles such as documents, minutes, correspondence, video-cassettes, related to the activities of the UDF, TIC, NIC,RMC, AYCO, SOYCO and FEDSAW with regard to the Commission of the offence of treason.

Preliminary analysis of structure of indictment

Trial proceeding of the preliminary analyses of structure of indictment regarding Vaal Triangle treason trial between the state versus Patrick Mabuya Baleka and others. All the accused were charged with all the offences set out in the indictment.

Case of Patrick Molwane Lephunya

Case between Patrick Molwane Lephunya (Applicant) and The State President of the Republic of South Africa (1st Respondent), The Minister of Law and Order (2nd Respondent), The Officer Commanding, Johannesburg Prison (3rd Respondent).Accompanying documents is the applicants Affidavit.

Interview with Murphy Morobe

Interview with Murphy Morobe by Gavin Evans where Murphy explained how the United Democratic Front as the main organisation has been singled out by the Le Grange as being responsible for the uprising taking place around the country.

Interview with Murphy Morobe

Interview with Murphy Morobe acting National Publicity Secretary for United Democratic Front who has been a political activist since the early seventies when he became involved in the South African Students Movement (SASM)

Interview with Soweto high school students

Interview with Soweto high school students. Soweto has 52 high schools since the reopening of school after winter cavation. The outcome of the interview covers the registration, boycotts future plans and the exams.

UDF - the State`s red herring
A bad case of law
Inkatha: UDF: APDUSA


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