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United Democratic Front: Last Beleaguered Hope

Interview with Azhar Cachalia who is the National Treasurer of the United Democratic Front where he mentioned that they honestly believe that the United Democratic Front must be the last possible hope for a relatively peaceful transformation to democracy in this country

Fighting for peace

Grassroots was started in 1980 as the first of a series of community newspapers designed to give a voice to the 'voiceless' and oppressed peoples of South Africa.

Workers slam E Cape "opportunists"
AZAPO's Fourth National Congress
Great hopes for the People's Parliament

It is with a giddy feeling that we, the organizer, have noted the strongly escalating interest in the People's Parliament Against Apartheid . The growing wave of applications and international attentionhave drowned our original planning for a People's Parliament of normal dimensions .

Valli Moosa mini pocket diary number 3

Mini pocket diary number 3 written by Valli Moosa which has minutes, appointments and rough notes

Election results leave govt with limited options
New mood in white community
SADF in the townships - player or referee?
A homecoming in Paris
Focus of intense opposition
Unity is built in struggle
Editorial comment: UDF - an invaluable weapon
Straight talk ... the spirit of united action
Spotlight on the northern Cape
UDF - 1 year of united action
We fight on...
UDF national conference
June 12 - 26 national united action


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