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Namibia: - The Unilateral December Election, and Prospects for the Future
The S. W..A. / Namibia Election
Namibian Elections - Some Misgivings
Swinging Right
Sound and Fury
Editorial: 1984
Editorial: The Eye of the Beholder
Editorial: Into the Dark
The Transkei Election
Editorial: Coloured Political Rights
A Franchise System for Divided Communities
Two Significant Election Results
Dr. Verwoerd's Exaggerated Victory
The Lesson of the Transkei
International Press Conference by the Honourable P W Botha, Prime Minister of the RSA on the talks between the Five Western Powers and the RSA Government regarding South West Africa

Press Conference with P W Botha regarding the independence of Namibia. Includes a joint statement by the South African Government and the five Foreign Ministers

We must take sides

Extracts from the statement of the President of the ANC, Oliver Tambo, at the WCC Liberation Movement dialogue:Lusaka, 4 - 8 may, 1987.

Statement by Church Leaders on the October Municipal elections, June 29 1998
Municipal elections
Daai geld, daai geld, daai baie geld!

Pamphlet produced by the African National Congress for the 1994 elections. Title translated into English reads, That Money, that money, that large amount of money!

Beware of Kriel's "new" NP

Pamphlet about safety issues and violence published by the ANC for the 1994 elections.


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