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APDUSA Bulletin 8: APDUSA salutes the people

With the elections of the tricameral parliament now over, APDUSA expresses its satisfaction with the results. These results reflect an overwhelming rejection of the new constitution and shows that members proved their unity and support to the movement.

Townships do not vote in gunpoint elections
National Executive Committee Ballot Count

Results of elections for the African National Congress National Executive Committee at a conference in Durban.

Notes on Mandela Papers

Notes on a memorandum from Nelson Mandela to F W de Klerk regarding the release of political prisoners, peace, negotiations, the National Party's five-year plan and elections.

New Age Vol.8 No.1 Oct. 1961
New Age Vol.7 No.52 Oct. 1961
New Age Vol.6 No.14 Jan. 1960
New Age Vol.6 No.13 Jan. 1960
New Age Vol.4 No.457 Nov. 1957
New Age Vol.4 No.2758 Apr. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.157 Oct. 1957
New Age Vol.4 No.1158 Dec. 1958
New Age Vol.1 No.12 Jan. 1955
Memorandum on the October 26 Municipal Election

Memorandum by Thabo Mbeki on the strategy and tactics of the National Democratic Movement in the aftermath of the 26 October Municipal Elections in South Africa.

Verkiesings in Suidwes-Afrika

Memorandum, written in Afrikaans, regarding elections in Namibia, under United Nations Resolution 435 of 1978, filed an Appendix to the Minutes of a Meeting of the AG-Workgroup held in Windhoek in August 1986.

SACP contribution towards an election manifesto

South African Communist Party (SACP) draft discussion document on the election manifesto. Contextualises the elections for a Constituent Assembly, discusses what the election manifesto should encompass and outlines outstanding strategic issues.

It must be boycott!
The 1958 general election
Letters to the editor: The need for theory
Pastoral letter of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference : the municipal elections of October 26, 1988

Letter of the President and members of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference regarding the municipal elections of October 26, 1988.


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