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South African Party Policy

It has been represented to the Government that, in Durban and elsewhere, you have a White part of the town, and an Indian with sufficient wealth buys a house right in the middle of that area and thereby depreciates the property in the neighbourhood.

Indians in South Africa

Race, political, labour, sugar plantations, slave labour, Indian market, social culture, treatment, segregation

The Indian Question in South Africa and the Round Table Conference

The Round Table Conference held at Cape Town in December and January last to consider what is commonly termed the Indian question in South Africa, with a view to arriving.

The Cape Town Agreement

WHILE heartily congratulating Mr. P. S. Aiyar on so ably stating his case against the Capetown Agreement, in a wholly im personal manner, there are certain comments which are necessary for me to make, in order to correct any false impressions :

The Indian Problem in South Africa

Of the many intricate problem awaiting solution by the Parliament of the Union of South Africa there is none which presents such involved difficulties established in certain parts of this country.....

South Africa and the British Taxpayer

The question of Ulster at present occupies the public mind almost exclusively, but there is really a much larger question which menaces Imperial interests and cannot be ignored: one , moreover which must find a more prominent place in tho political future of the Empire as time advances.

Indians in South Africa

Indians in South Africa, Indians in the Colonies. The India Council Bill

Indians and their South African Compatriots

IN the December issue of THE ROUND T ABLE appeared a brief description of the five points of the Indians' claim in South Africa, with the intimation that the trouble which had been brewing for a considerable time previously had come to a head in the shape of a renewal of passive resistance.

Indians in the Colonies and Indians in S A

Articles in the journal of the The Indian Review

Unification - The Asiatic Difficulty

Unification - The Asiatic Difficulty


With the appointment of the Rt. Hon. Shastri, as the High Commissioner of India to the Union of South Africa, Indo-South African relations have entered into a new and significant stage.

The Agreement between India and South Africa

In writing for the International Review of Missions concerning the Agreement between the South African and Indian Governments, which has reconciled some of the gravest outstanding difficulties, it is right that I should lay stress, at the outset, on the spiritual side of the long conflict.

Indians in South Africa, 1860-1914: the British Imperial Philosophy on Trial

EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY mercantilist dogma notwithstanding, the earliest stirrings of British imperial activity owed their inception to private initiative rather than governmental enterprise.

Natal and Indentured Indian Immigration

Owing to the attention which is at present being devoted to so called "Asiatic Penetration" the present time is perhaps an opprtune one at which attempt to review breifly the history of indentured Indian immigration into Natal.

Interview with Sister Gertrude C H N and Mrs Ngubane, conducted by Dalisu Zungu
The United Nations and the Third World

The United Nations and the Third World

United Nations and Domestic Jurisdiction

United Nations and Domestic Jurisdiction

Economic sanctions against South Africa their need and feasibility

A Catalogue of the Carter Karis Collection

Micro Film

Reel 22A No 2: E54:45/7

Economic sanctions against South Africa their need and feasibility

South Africa and the Indians

WHEN the King was in Natal the Indians were second to none in welcoming him. Their actions, however, cast a new light on the events which took place before the United Nations last winter.

A Suggested Scheme of Segregation. The Referendum on Direct Representation for Indians in Natal. A Notable South African Biography.

The South African Outlook. Vol 77


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