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Interview with Chinua Achebe
Interview with Barbara Davies, conducted by Mumsie Malinga
Passive Resistance in Natal 1946-8

Lack of development in the de facto Indian residential areas encouraged,
in the early 1940's, a growing nwnber of prosperous Indians to buy homes,
for both residential and investment purposes, in the predominantly European

On The Virgin Cleansing Myth: Gendered Bodies, AIDS and Ethnomedicine

This paper is neither an attempt to verify perceived increases in the sexual assault or rape of children, nor is it an attempt to explain these crimes in the context of present-day South Africa.

African Gandhi the South African War and limits of Imperial Identity

Mahatma Gandhi achieved greatness for the struggles that he fought on the political, economic, cultural and moral fronts.

Dadoo, Gandhi and South African Struggle 1989, Sept 16

Some reflections on the 80th birthday anniversary of Yusuf Mohamed Dodoo (September 5) and 120th birth anniversary of Gandhiji (October 2).

Writing the life of Manilal Mohandas Gandhi

Manilal Gandhi was the second son of Mohandas (later Mahatma) and Kasturba Gandhi. Unlike his father who spent just over two decades in South Africa, Manilal spent close to five decades of a life (which spanned sixty-four years) in South Africa.

Fitting the word into action an ethnographic Journey into theatre

The INDIC THEATRE MONOGRAPH SERIES is an attempt to publish material on theatre performances and related areas tJ)at have their roots in the South African Indian experience.

Cry, the Beloved Country
African religions

Something repels the heart deeply in most organised form of religion.

The Sogba cult

Customs of Africa.

Circumcision in Kenya

Customs of Africa.

Inside Afro-America

A report on the American reality.

Afro-Americans and the White radical left

Growing criticism by Afro-Americans of the actions, truths, ideology and commitment of the White radical left.

God and the underdog

Thoughts on the rise of Africa.

What the gunman wants

Facts of the Rhodesian situation before Commonwealth leaders.

A matter of landscape

Facts of the Rhodesian situation before Commonwealth leaders.

UNITA and Angola's struggle for independence

Facts of the Rhodesian situation before Commonwealth leaders.


Retold from the French.

The tamtam

Retold from the French.


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