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Books and the Arts

Reviews of books and plays.

To the editor

Letters to the editor.

Inside South Africa

What is really wrong with South Africa?


Poems: "When negro teeth speak" and "The poet".

Hauling down the flag at Mochudi

Lady Naomi Mitchison, a member of the Bakgatla tribe in Botswana visits her people for independence

Inside America

Correspondence from the States.

Harsh budgets and harsher facts

Taxation and development in East Africa.


Will unalterable facts of regional hostility keep major groups apart?.

Last chance in Rhodesia

Britain must negotiate with the Africans.

Nigeria at the crossroads

The events which followed Nigeria's army coup thirteen months ago have certainly left the country at the cross-roads.

To breach the wall of silence

The case for specific legislation to meet the needs of Africa's blind and deaf.

Inside South Africa

What is really wrong with South Africa?

Books and the Arts

Book reviews.

International day

Editorial on the anniversary of Sharpeville.



Edward Wilmot Blyden

A 19th century progenitor of Pan-Africanism and Negritude.

Swaziland's road to danger

The present constitution for Swaziland can be said to be a tragic parting gift from Britain.



Biafra: portent for Africa

A look at the Biafran situation.

Books and the Arts

Book reviews.


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