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Passive resistance among South Africans

It is clear from our discussion of the historiography of passive resistance among Indians in South Africa that a great deal of research awaits the scholar. The number of works on the …

Latin American Frontiers

In 1931 the American geographer Isaiah Bowman refetted to Latin America as a "continent of pioneer fringes". (l) Years later to-day his words are still true but nov hither to neglected regions have become a matter of....

African and Afrikaner History

There can be little doubt that the new Oxford History of South Africa re- presents a major andessential first step in the rethinking of South African history. While in the 1930s and 1940s South …

South Africa and Independent Black Africa

In what has commonly been described as the opening or a new chapter in South Africa's relations with the rest or.....

The Politics of Youth Resistance in the 1980s: the Dilemmas of a Differentiated Durban

This paper investigates the objective and subjective conditions affecting the oppressed communities in Durban, South Africa, and examines the impact these had on the development of youth resistance in the 1980s.

Negotiation & Armed struggle in Contemporary South Africa

In December 1985 South African forces violated Lesotho's territory and mur-dered a number of ANC cadres and Lesotho civilians in Maseru. A few days later, a bomb exploded in Amanzimtoti, killing a number of passers-by and injur-ing others.


In the middle 3-4 months of 1994 interested observers and an expectant electorate were treated to regular accounts of progress in finalising the RDP White Paper (WP). Originally scheduled for release in mid-July, the......

The RDP Programme: A View from the Tripartite Alliance

This is more than a point to chalk up in the election......

Geography & Social Justice

In the middle of the 1980s South Africa's governing National Party still adhered to the policy of apartheid, or racial separation. But by the beginning
of the 1990s those same rulers were proclaiming a new society characterized......

From Pluralism To Corporatism: South Africa's Labour Relations In Transition

This article focuses on how and why South Africa's model of labour relations changed in the course of the country's transition to democracy.

Containing the Chiefs: The ANC and Traditional Leaders in the Eastern Cape

Traditional leadership in our country has lived for centuries and will continue to do so. It is our pride as the people of South Africa, and a tradition that cannot be divorced from us ...




Indian Penetration. Labour's Plan
The Indian Problem in South Africa
The Indian Penetration Bill, Vol73
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Indian Penetration. Labour's Plan
The Indians in South Africa

South Africa herself belongs rightly to the West. It was from the countries of Europe that her early settlers came, yet it is significant that she first attracted public attention as a possible half-way house between East and West.

Indians in South Africa

THE arrival of a newly-appointed Agent-General for the Government of India in South Africa (this time the distinguished Mr.

Indians in South Africa

The Eastern seaboard of Africa has been the happy hunting ground of Indian traders who control the local markets so effectually that to them, it is no exaggeration to say, is due the unemployment, now almost as general amongst the whites in Africa as it is in Europe.Had Indian activities been con


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