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The New Face of Apartheid
Besoek van Mnr Clark aan Suid-Afrika en Suidwes-Afrika: 10-13 Junie 1981

Report, signed by Minister R F Botha and written mostly in Afrikaans, of the visit of Mr W P Clark of the United States of America, to South Africa and South West Africa.

The Current Macroeconomic Crisis
Editorial: The Inward Policy
Suggestions for an Economic Policy for the Future
Editorial: Disaster Bent
Editorial: 1977 - Another Grim Year?
South Africa's Expansion Policy
Letter to the Editor
Such Tragedies are Inevitable Outcome of Verwoerd's Crazy Vision
Economic Policy, Growth and Equity: Democratic Economic Growth
Economic Policy, Growth and Equity: Democratic Party Economic Policy Manifesto
Economic Policy, Growth and Equity: Introduction
Reviewing Regional Policy
The Foreign Policy of Apartheid
Apartheid - Only a Policy?
Off-the-record statement by Minister R F Botha at a meeting between the Minister and representatives of the South African media in Washington on 16 May 1981

Press statement by Minister Pik Botha about US/South Africa relations and policy. Nuclear matters were also mentioned.

Joint Press Conference, Department of State, 14 May 1981 with Secretary of State Haig and Minister of Foreign Affairs Botha

Press Conference in the United States, with US Secretary Haig and Minister of Foreign Affairs Botha, regarding the independence of Nambia.

Structure of the ANC Women's League

Holograph draft ANC policy document on the structure of the ANC Women's League. Covers tasks of the League, the League National Conference, composition of the League, regional Women's League structures.


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