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Steve Biko: after ten years

Barney Pityana was a close friend and colleague of Steve Biko, he was invited to preach the this sermon at Notting Hill Methodist Church.on the 10th anniversary of Steve Biko's death.

Obituary of Yusuf Dadoo

Obituary of Yusuf Dadoo. 3 typewritten pages with handwritten corrections

The Birth of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa

One day in July 1968 a group of students formed a separate caucus at the annual conference of the University Christian Movement being held outside Stutterheim in the Cape Province.

Obituary of Michael Harmel

Obituary of Michael Harmel, member of the Central Committee of the SACP

A Democrat among the Republicans

Article about Robert Kennedy's visit to South Africa and the anticipated consequences of his visit

Collective Leadership in the Soviet Union

Article by Michael Harmel in "New Age" - 'Collective Leadership in the Soviet Union'. Discusses Stalin's role in the Soviet Union

Stop press!
Zambia - bullets for bread
Apdusa Views October 1991
The sick equation
We salute Samora Machel!
Press statement by New Unity Movement on the death of Samora Machel
Misuse of mayor's Merc?
Dr van Zyl Slabbert caught red-handed!
The return of the prodigal
The skeletons in the ANC election closet
Let the character assassins reveal themselves
Apdusa Views January 1987
"I'm not the last white head of state" - F.W. De Klerk

Mr F.W. de Klerk recently told a German political magazine, "Der Spiegel", that he did not believe he would be the last white head of state in South Africa.

Mandela's moment of truth at CODESA

CODESA (Convention for a Democratic South Africa - even the name belies its function) has come to pass; and for the oppressed the only truthful statement made throughout those two days was, unbelievably, that from Nelson Mandela.


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