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Organisation & Strategies of the Major Resistance Movements in the Negotiation Era

Transition to democracy : policy perspectives 1991

Natal Indian Congress - 90 Proud Year’s 1894 to 1984 advertising supplement

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ANC Leadership in 1912

Founded in 1912 as the South African Native National Congress, it had as its main ... In the late 1920s the ANC's leaders split over the issue of cooperation with ...

Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXV No.7 Issued 16 August 1978
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XVI No. 4 Issued 8 May 1969
Shaka the Great
Notes by Alan Paton
Letter from Alan Paton to Sir Keith
South African in transition
Leadership and the Wanji

The Wanji are a Bantu-speaking tribe of about 20,000 population inhabiting two small scoop-shaped basins on the northern edge of the Elton Plateau. This plateau is a part of the Poroto Mountains, which lie to the north of Lake Malawi in Tanzania.

The New African: Volume 5, Number 8, October 1966
Inside South Africa

An injection of black students into South Africa's student movement is needed, for black students would act through their vested interest in social change and not through their consciences alone.

This side of eternity

An appeal to the United Nations Special Committee on Apartheid on behalf of Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe.

The lessons of disaster


Leaders and followers

Implications of the strain on democratic institutions imposed by vigorous development politics in Africa.

Lumumba: the sycophant outshone by the meteor
Dear Chief Luthuli


Chief Kaiser Matanzima

Leadership in the Transkei.

Senghor and Socialism

Editorial around Nelson Mandela and Communism.

Formation: Africa's need

Personal view that "formation", as a prerequisite for leadership, is the greatest need.


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