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Picture of Grey Street

Where East meets West, A scene in Grey Street one of the principle Indian shopping Centre in Durban

Art by pupils attending Natal Indian Schools from 1940 to 1965

Art by pupils attending Natal Indian Schools from 1940 to 1965

In the end it was academic: Responses to the establishment of the University College for Indians

It will be wrong to advise an Indian father or a prospective student what choice he should make. Each person must accept the responsibility for his own decision, since whatever decisions he makes there will be sacrifices.

Between Apartheid and Neoliberalism in Durban’s Indian Quarter

A drive from Durban's beaches towards the once bustling ''Indian quarter''will lead to a confluence of three streets: Monty Naicker, Alfred Bitini Xuma, and Yusuf Dadoo.


insight into the trials and tribulations of indentured  Indian immigration. One has to concur with the general thrust of the endorsements this work
has received from the academic community. It is a work of immense dimension and detail …

The encyclopedia of the Indian diaspora

The encyclopedia of the Indian diaspora

The Making of "Indianess": Indian Politics in South Africa During the 1930s and 1940s

The years 1914 to 1949 were witness to rapid and extensive change in the social and
material conditions of Indians. The transformation of the majority of lndians to an urban-based
proletariat presented them with new challenges as well as additional choices of group

Letter from Alan Paton
Letter from Leo Marquard to Alan Paton
Letter from Alan Paton to Leif
LEtter from Leif Egeland to Alan Paton
Extracts from the Round Table


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