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Indian Volunteer Corps. (1939 - 1945).

The British Indian Army during World War II began the war, in 1939, numbering just under 200,000 men. By the end of the war, it had become the largest volunteer army in history, rising to over 2.5 million men in August 1945

Indian Volunteer Corps. (1939 - 1945).

“The stretcher-bearer corps comprised those who were mainly trained in ... 

Indentured Indian
Cofee picking in Kearsney

Arrival of the first indentured Indians, an event that was to have far-reaching ... Every vessel used to transport indentured Indians had ... Picking coffee beans.

Verulam main street

One hundred and twenty-eight years ago, a Cape Town-based company purchased 30 000 acres Crown lands on the banks of the Umdhloti River from the Natal

Demand for Independence

Photos on the life of M. K. Gandhi

Last photo of Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi in Durban with several friends

Gandhi and Friends

Burning of passes

Burning of passes - 1908

Passive Resister

Passive Resister 1906-1914

Gardening Period

Market gardeners

Shree Bharat Sherela Creche

Indian Creche in Lenasia

Mrs Simon Vedamuthu, first qualified women teacher

Mrs Simon Vedamuthu First. Qualified Woman Teacher. Natal Indian Teachers 1903. Even though the community rallied together and raised pound


Kapitan Vegetarian Restaurant at 154 Grey Street

Letter from Monroe to Phyllis Naidoo and Sukhthi

Saturday night, the classical dance concert cancelled due to the stairs sudden indisposition ( doesn’t she know the show must go on?)

Two Indian Female with a baby
Indian Labourer
KA Jimmy Gandhi on Violin
Letter from a friend to Phyllis Naidoo

I was despairing – no news of son for all this time – half expending to drop in on me in the U.K. So you returned your ear-drum.

Indian with turban & dog
Elderly Indian Couple with Sons


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