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Meeting of the University of the Western Cape delegation and the African National Congress

Record of a meeting between the University of the Western Cape delegation and the African National Congress in Lusaka, Zambia, to discuss the South African education crisis.

Some notes on political education requirements inside

Notes on political education in South Africa. Examines levels of political education requiring attention and the resources required.

ANC/UCT Position Paper proposals

Report of a meeting between the ANC and the University of Cape Town on the education crisis. Includes handwritten notes on a consultative meeting between the ANC, the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape.

New Age Vol.8 No.42 Jul. 1962
New Age Vol.8 No.9 Dec. 1961
New Age Vol.4 No.1558 Jan. 1958
New Age Vol.2 No.4756 Sep. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.3856 Jul. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.3756 Jul. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.3256 Jun. 1956
South African Students Movement Minutes of the Fourth General Student Council, Roodepoort, 4th July 1977

Minutes of the SASM Student Council Meeting with the theme "Students now, towards liberation"

Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College: Curriculum Vitae of teaching staff

List of teaching staff at Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College and their qualifications, experience and subjects offered during the period May to July 1981.

Project budget convering contribution from donor

Annexure 1 of the African National Congress (ANC) project document for the proposed Vocational Training Centre in Dakawa.

Scholarship Report - Zambia

List of African National Congress (ANC) students in Zambia including names, school, course and sponsor.

Civil disobedience

Memorandum on areas of legislation which impact on the lives of people. Includes areassuch as influx control, employees/migrants, housing, transport, health, education, sports and recreation.

Political school: a concept

Draft concept document for an African National Congress political school.

Memorandum on the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS). Part one: NUSAS the trade union

Memorandum on benefits provided by the National Union of South African Students to students. These included medical scholarships, a Prison Education Fund and a loan fund, and travel opportunities.

Commissions presented at 5th General Students' Council of the South African Student's Organization, St Peters Seminary, Hammanskraal, 14-18 January, 1974

The memorandum contains commissions to assess, among others, the theory of the struggle pertaining to the Black culture, the feasibility of research into education suitable for the struggle of students in Universities, and possible student benefits programmes.

The repugnant elements in the Western Culture

The use of White religion and politics to keep Blacks under the supression of the Nationalist government is questioned. It also suggests that the social atmosphere of the Black family setting has been destroyed by a capitalist society.

Black People's Convention: Blueprint of the proposed educational policy

Memorandum discussing the BPC educational guidelines to develop Black Consciousness and national unity while eliminating racism and tribalism


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