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Students oust principal
Educating to build democracy
A people's education
Letter from Johannesburg
People's Education is a Democratic Education
Not Either with Tranquility
Culture and Counter-Culture in South African Schools
The Legal Resources Centre
Statement on Prisoners' Right to Study
After Literacy, What Next?
The Need for Doctors in South Africa
Education in a Multi-Racial South Africa
Schooling for Capitalism
National Conference, 1983: resolutions adopted

This is the pamphlet containing resolutions of the National Conference held in 1983 of the South African Council of Churches.

Report of meeting with HM

Report from H. Makgothi to the African National Congress National Executive Committee on a meeting with Ntatho Motlana, regarding the South African political situation and the South African economy.

African National Congress National Scholarship Committee: Information for Placement on Scholarship

Information regarding requirements for placement on scholarship.

Regional Education Department Report (Angola)

African National Congress (ANC) Regional Education Department Report (Angola). Covers Luanda District, Lubango Unit, Caculama, farm Complex, Quibaxe Pango Centres, School project, Regional Education Committee, Viana Vocational Training Centre and Scholarships.

Report of the political action commitee to NUSAS Congress 1983

Report by the Political Action Committee to the 60th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, Durban, 29 Nov-3 Dec 1983. Discusses how activity has centred around the theme of educating for change.

The Black People's Convention (BPC) - South Africa: historical background and basic documents

The report contains historical background of the founding of the Black People's Convention, principles and aims of the BPC, the constitution, national and international relations and BPC viewpoints on education, land, human rights, farming, law etc

Report of NUSED Congress, July 1971

Report of the Congress of the National Union of Students Education Department, July 1971, presented at the 47th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, University of Natal, Durban, July 1 to 14, 1971.


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