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The advent of revolution

The great social convulsions of this decade, the post-Sharpeville period, reached their peak on the banks of Bashee River and in the slums of Paarl.

Inside South Africa

We hear less of Bantustans than we used to.

Inside Afro-America

We hear less of BaAfro-America and world struggle.

To the editor

Letters to the editor.

Under the banner of SWAPO

Namibia's guerrillas face death.

Le Foehn

A revolutionary play about Algeria.

Sartre on Algeria: an ideology within an ideology

Implications for political analysis in South Africa.

Ujamaa on the march: the road from Arusha

Implications of the nationalisation carried out by President Julius Nyerere in February 1967 in Tanzania, based on the Arusha Declaration.

Realities of Angolan struggle

On the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Angolan struggle for independence, the Portuguese are again officially denying the winds of change experienced by the rest of Africa and threatening in Angola.

Zimbabwe is not negotiable

The whole concept of selective mandatory sanctions is based on a faulty hypothesis - that Rhodesia's political structure will collapse with the application of pressures on the economy.

The laws of the forest

Short story translated from the French.

Poets of Lesotho

First steps of a brief incursion into Sesotho literature.

Books and the Arts

Book reviews.

To the editor

Letters to the Editor.

Inside Afro-America

An article about what Black America's youth say about South Africa.


Poems: "The Dead"; "Cornfields in Accra"; "To those who came after us"and "Origins (for Melba).

Africa's refugees and the OAU

A clear policy for Africa's 650,000 homeless must lead to long-range solutions.

Botswana free, and Lesotho

Editorial on Independence of Botswana and the handing over of Lesotho to South Africa.

To the editor

Letters to the Editor.

Without a breath or a murmur

Translated from the French.


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