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Some aspects of the South African industrial revolution

This is the seventh address in the Hoernle Memorial Lecture series deliverd by Dr. H.J. Van Eck.

Some reflections of civilisation in Africa

The eighth address in the Hoernle Memorial Lecture series delivered by Herbert Frankel in which he reflects on civilisation and society in Africa and his belief is that, one of the marks of civilisation, is the ability of people in society to work together effectively; as social co-operation.

South Africa defies United Nations what next ?

South Africa defies United Nations what next ?

South Africa is coming back: our children

ANC booklet issued during 1979, International Year of the Child. Issues covered include family life under apartheid, child health under apartheid, child farm labour, educational provision for black children in South Africa and the youth in the struggle.

Southern San history and art after contact by Peter Poly

Southern San history and art after contact by Peter Jolly

Squatters Market / Institute for Social and Economic Research. 1976

Market gardening has been a traditional way of life of the Indian community for many years. In the Report of the Coolie Commission (1872) for example, mention is made of small locations of Indians in the neighbourhood of Durban who carried on a thriving trade 1n the sale of vegetables.

Strategy and tactics of the African National Congress

Booklet containing the strategy and tactics of the ANC, adopted at the Morogoro Conference in Tanzania in 1969. Analyses the history of the movement, the forces at work in Southern Africa as a whole and the future of the struggle.

Studies in indian employment in Natal

IN THE MID-NINETEENTH CENTURY the young Colony of Natal was faced with a shortage of suitable labour. The European settlers were too few to meet the requirements of the colony's development and in any case were unsuited to do much of the necessary work.

Surat Hindoo Association

THE forefathers of the Surat Hindus of South Africa came to this country as free passengers towards the end of the nineteenth century. Most of them did not bring their families with them so they lived a single life. They used to visit the mother-country every three or four years.

Survey of race relations in South Africa: 1949-1950

A Survey of race relations in South Africa in 1949-1950 and includes chapters on: Rights and duties of liberals in South Africa; Institute activities and their background; Legislative measures; Policy; Government administrative matters affecting race relaions; Administration of justice; Health an

SWAPO news and views: fighting for freedom and justice in solidarity

SWAPO news and views: fighting for freedom and justice in solidarity. Book discussing: New year messsage to the Namibia people, Comrade Enerst Kadungure calls for solidarity in fight agaist apartheid, Liberal struggle will continue in Namibia etc.

Talking with the ANC

Book published by the South African Bureau of Information addressing the question of whether negotiations should be conducted with the African National Congress. Presents historical overview and includes statements from the government and the ANC.

The awakening of a people

The author has endeavoured to enhance the awakenig of the people; of the oppressed, by evolving the All-African Convention with new ideas in light of approaching the struggle for liberation. The book analyses new concepts and methods of struggle; on the basis of the Ten-Point Programme.

The divine intention

Chapter in a book containing the presentation by Desmond Tutu to the Ellof Commission of Enquiry, 1 September 1982.

The Divine Life Society

In 1948 Brother V. Srinivasen, now Swami Sahajananda, visited Swami Sivananda at Rishikesh, India. He was transformed. The promotion of the Master's work would be his life's task. On his return in 1949 he started a branch of the Divine Life Society in Durban with o~ly one member.

The encyclopedia of the Indian diaspora

The encyclopedia of the Indian diaspora

The Ethics of apartheid

The thirteenth address in the Hoernle Memorial Lecture series delivered by professor B.B.

The Government of divided communities

The fourteenth Hoernle Memorial Lecture delivered by David Thomas in which he describes the fears of the worlds population and the fact that there are different races in the world, and they all vary in their social and economic development.

The Higher education of Blacks in the United States

The twenty-fifth lecture in the Hoernle Memorial Lecture series delivered by Alan Pifer, and discusses the "experience of Black Americans with higher education, or, perhaps, the American experience with the higher education of Blacks".

The Hindu heritage in South Africa

The end of the first hundred years of !he history of the Hindus in South Africa marks the beginnings of a greater awareness among them of the glorious cultural and religious heritage which belongs to them.


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