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The T. N. Bhoola Family of Durban

Biography from The South African Who's Who - T. N. Bhoola Family

Biography of Bechoo Gungapersadh

BECHOO Gungapersadh, headmaster; b. Stanger, 1904; m. 2nd d. of R. Lugunberthy,of Durban; 4 s., 6 d.;
commenced as pupil teacher in 1917, joined Govt. service in 1921, at Stanger Ind.Biography of Bechoo Gungapersadh

Mr S Bagwandeen - Biography

Mr Mr. S. Bagwandeen, a staunch Congressman and a well-known social worker, has retired after serving the
Glencoe Indian School Society.....

The Black Writer's Burden
Eli Weinberg biography

Eli Weinberg biography

Biography - Amra family and Roopanand family

Indian Businessmen in the Durban Area: Indian Immigration to SA, the Establishment of the Business and its Progress up to the Present.

Biography - Khan Bahadur for Mr Cassim Adam

Biography - Khan Bahadur for Mr Cassim Adam

Garlanding function at City Station. Public service recognized Khan Bahadur for Mr Cassin Adam

Biography - Rowley Israel Arenstein

Biography - Rowley Israel Arenstein

A M Moola, Aboobaker H A Javery

Biography - Aboobaker H A Javery, A M Moola

The Long View: No Genade at Genadendal, Contact vol 7, no. 11
Chinua Achebe: English and the African Writer
The Long View, Contact vol 1, No.24
The Long View, Contact vol 1, No.5
South African Story
A book for today
Memorandum for Harry Brague by D C Lunt
Editorial note for Hofmeyr biography
Proposed Prefatory Note Hofmeyr Biography
Letter from Dudley C Lunt to L H Brague and abridgment of the Hofmeyr biography by Alan Paton
Mahatma Gandhi - a brief profile

Mahatma Gandhi - a brief profile Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in 1869 in the small princely state of Porbander where his father was the Diwan (prime minister) to the ruler. Mohandas was a rather shy and timid child.At the age of thirteen he was married to Kasturba.


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