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Biography of George Botha

George Botha teacher - Death in Detention

Biography of Andrew Boraine and family

Andrew Boraine and Family

President - National Union of South African Students 1981

Biography of the Bodasing family

A history of the Bodasing Family

Newspaper articles related to deaths in police custody

Death while in police custody

Newspaper cuttings South African Political History

Newspaper articles on South African political refugees, Steve Biko and Jimmy Badrian

Little magazines from Anglophone Africa
Biographies of two Bhoola families

The Late Daya Narotam Bhoola family and the Thakor Narotam Bhoola family

Books and Authors
The T. N. Bhoola Family of Durban

Biography from The South African Who's Who - T. N. Bhoola Family

Biography of Bechoo Gungapersadh

BECHOO Gungapersadh, headmaster; b. Stanger, 1904; m. 2nd d. of R. Lugunberthy,of Durban; 4 s., 6 d.;
commenced as pupil teacher in 1917, joined Govt. service in 1921, at Stanger Ind.Biography of Bechoo Gungapersadh

Mr S Bagwandeen - Biography

Mr Mr. S. Bagwandeen, a staunch Congressman and a well-known social worker, has retired after serving the
Glencoe Indian School Society.....

The Black Writer's Burden
Eli Weinberg biography

Eli Weinberg biography

Biography - Amra family and Roopanand family

Indian Businessmen in the Durban Area: Indian Immigration to SA, the Establishment of the Business and its Progress up to the Present.

Biography - Khan Bahadur for Mr Cassim Adam

Biography - Khan Bahadur for Mr Cassim Adam

Garlanding function at City Station. Public service recognized Khan Bahadur for Mr Cassin Adam

Biography - Rowley Israel Arenstein

Biography - Rowley Israel Arenstein

A M Moola, Aboobaker H A Javery

Biography - Aboobaker H A Javery, A M Moola

The Long View: No Genade at Genadendal, Contact vol 7, no. 11
Chinua Achebe: English and the African Writer
The Long View, Contact vol 1, No.24


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