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Biography - Rowley Israel Arenstein

Biography - Rowley Israel Arenstein

A M Moola, Aboobaker H A Javery

Biography - Aboobaker H A Javery, A M Moola

The Long View: No Genade at Genadendal, Contact vol 7, no. 11
Chinua Achebe: English and the African Writer
The Long View, Contact vol 1, No.24
The Long View, Contact vol 1, No.5
South African Story
A book for today
Memorandum for Harry Brague by D C Lunt
Editorial note for Hofmeyr biography
Proposed Prefatory Note Hofmeyr Biography
Letter from Dudley C Lunt to L H Brague and abridgment of the Hofmeyr biography by Alan Paton
Mahatma Gandhi - a brief profile

Mahatma Gandhi - a brief profile Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in 1869 in the small princely state of Porbander where his father was the Diwan (prime minister) to the ruler. Mohandas was a rather shy and timid child.At the age of thirteen he was married to Kasturba.

Gandhi, Manilal : SA Indian Whos Who 1971-1972

Gandhi,  Manilal Biography.

Gandhi Publications online

Gandhi Publications online

Gandhi a profile

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Biograophy.

Dr Arthur Dawson Lazarus Doyen of Indian Education

A man of rare parts and unique ability Dr. Arthur Dawson Lazarus was the eldest son of Mr. Dossen Lazarus of Dannhauser. He was born in Durban on 14 January, 1903. During his early life he was faced with numerous difficulties.

B D Lalla : a biography - Fiat Lux August 1978, p23

B D Lalla : a biography

Assorted conferences, correspondence and articles
Contributions to the Dictionary of Literary Biography on 20th Century Black African writers


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