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Chukwuemeka Ike: Bibliography
Ike - cross references
Dictionary of Literary Biography
Francis Imbuga: Bibliography
Bibliographies: Francis D Imbuga - cross references
Festus Iyayi: Biography
Chinweizu: Bibliography
Chinweizu: Biography and autobiography
Bibliography on Chinweizu
Bibliographies: Dhlomo - cross references and bibliography
Biography on Pundit NardevVedalankar

Biography on Pundit NardevVedalankar - Consisting of newspaper cutting, events, newsletters

Mqhayi: his work - a bibliography
Biographical details of Dr Nthato Motlana interviewed by Mike Cottee
A labour of love: The Biography of Dr Shishupal Rambharos

It has taken many months to put together this book, largely because Bhai Rambharos has had a long, varied and rich life that reflects so many different interests. It has been an immense task that has raised many difficult questions.

A short sketch of Swamiji's life

A short sketch of Swamiji's life

Nehru SJ Message Prime-Minister India Bhawani Dayal

Biographies, Messages

Sannyasi , Bhawani Dayal - Biography

Sannyasi , Bhawani Dayal - Biography

Biography of Mr Shishupal Rambharos

Shishupal Rambharos is recognized both locally and internationally as a doyen of social welfare who has used Vedic religious ideals to serve the poor and the disadvantaged....

Centenary of Indians in South Africa - A record of a hundred years of Indian progress in various spheres of activity

On Friday, 16th November, 1860, at about three o'clock in the afternoon, there arrived at Port Natal the barque "Truro", bringing the first group of Indians invited by the Colony of Natal lo work on the sugar plantations...





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