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Zulus; Youth standing, holding upright spear

Zulus; Youth standing, holding upright spear

Youth movements in southern Africa

The organisation of youth activities in central and southern Africa has to be seen in an historical perspectives to be understood.

Inside Afro-America

An article about what Black America's youth say about South Africa.

Bridging South Africa's youth gap

Article looking at the limited non-racial options for youth in South Africa.

White schoolboys and politics

The ruling generation has made a mess of things in South Africa, but what will the generations following them do?.

Durban and Districts Council of Churches Cultural Festival 10 June 1990

a gathering of black Christian youth. Different choirs and other groups were invited to perform and show off their talent. The topic for the Festival - Faith without works is quite death. The various speakers were encouraging the youth to stand together and stand for what is right.

May Day 1990 Cultural Program 27 April - 1 May

Cultural performances and speeches to commemorate MayDay. The focus is Workers and Youth unity. Celebrations around MayDay.

An Address at the Graduation Ceremony, University of Natal Pietermaritzburg, 1987
Chapter thirteen: Youth and student organisations
Chapter nine: Youth and student organisations
The young ones
Read, young lion, read
Tracing the roots of resistance
SAYCO: now just a phone call away
Statement by rural organisations

Statement by rural organisations as they attack Le Grange's law because it will be used to stop meeting of the youth, teargas, sjambok, kill people, detain people for no apparent reason, shoot people at random and strengthen apartheid.

Youth women organise
June 16: South Africa's Youth Day

Speakers notes for the 12th anniversary of June 16th, 1976. Examines the significance of the day, the enemy reaction, the responsibility of the youth, and the duty of the liberation alliance.

Opening Address to the First Conference of the Society of Young Africa

Opening Address to the First Conference of the Society of Young Africa.

Kimberley schoolboys held illegally say lawyers
Youth, workers are working together


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