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Resolution passed at the 22nd Conference of the South African Indian Congress held in Johannesburg – 19th, 20th and 21st October 1956

Apartheid, Freedom Charter, Women in the Struggle, Youth, Group Areas Act, International Situation, Suppression of the Communism Act, Police Intimidation

Girls Scouts



Youth doing gymnastics

Sport Centre

Sport Centre building


Activity on a hiking trip


Group activity transport injured across gorge. Youth make best of equipment available

PC154: Ruth Lundie Collection: A youth at a funeral between two coffins. In the background are posters 'Stop the killings'

Black and white print 9.5 x 16.3

Courting youth from Ndwedwe

Courting youth from Ndwedwe KZN.

Courting youth

Courting youth from Table Mountain, Pietermaritzburg, 1974.

Two unmarried girls with boyfriends

Two unmarried girls with boyfriends. 

Two western dressed youth

Two western dressed youth. 1 with traditional necklace.

Letter from Christina to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letter from Christina to Phyllis Naidoo.

23 National South African Indian Congress conference

Among the Strong contingent of youth at the SAIC conference were, from left, Messrs Ebrahim Ismail, Arvind Desai and Baboo Seedat all from Natal and Messrs Essop Pahad and Mosie Moola of the TIC

Delegates from Natal at the Congress of the People held in Klipstown

The three thousand delegates who gathered at Kliptown on 25 and 26 June 1955 were workers, peasants, intellectuals, women, youth and ...

Cato Manor (1970's)

Youths on doorstep

Letter from Dorothy to Phyllis Naidoo

I have two letters of yours awaiting a reply.

Christian Youth
Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Jennifer Chetty

Jennifer Chetty offered to help me with my work for the last three months. She has been putting some order into my archival material. She is doing an excellent job.

Our Chapel isn't big enough
Notes on Makhanya


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