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The Role of the Wages Commissions
The Black Sash Durban Advice Office: Report to National Conference 1975

Durban Advice Office Annual Report to National Conference on 10 March 1975, discussing: Forced removals, work permits, pass laws, Unemployment Insurance, Apartheid, Trade Unions, Contract workers, housing, legal assistance.

South Africa Report

Handwritten report from an underground operative on discussions with the South African Institute of Race Relations, Unions and detainees about protests, stay-aways, strikes and marches. Also covers the Black Consciousness Movement, Buthelezi, and detentions.

The Independent Trade Union Movement in Natal
Rhetoric, Bureaucracy and Co-option
What the Black Workers Think
Judging The Labour Judges In Britian and South Africa
Selby Msimang and Trade Union Organisation in the 1920's
Editorial: The Government and The Black Worker
African National Congress statement: International Conference of Trade Unions on sanctions and other actions against the apartheid regime in South Africa

African National Congress statement on the International Conference of Trade Unions on Sanctions and other actions against the apartheid regime in South Africa.

To the working men and women of the world

ANC message to workers of the world on the organisation's 70th Anniversary, requesting support.

Support the South African struggle
Building unity in action - the workers' summit
COSATU Special Congress
Congress Resolutions
APDUSA Bulletin 4: Dont vote! its not a crime

This pamphlet wishes to clear some fears and anxieties of those members with regards to the consequences of them not casting a vote or registration to vote. Some of the fears that face the members are that they will lose their homes, pension, and various grants.

APDUSA Bulletin 3: Dont help sellouts to get R40 000 a year

This pamphlet analysis and illustrates the results of the elections held in 1981, in which the government offered the SAIC to the Indian people. The liberatory movement introduced the Dont Vote Campaign and about 90% of the people boycotted the elections.

APDUSA Bulletin 2: Aug. 22 elections and you

APDUSA (African Peoples Democratic Union of South Africa) is calling for a boycott to the elections and is seen as the only method of rejecting the new constitution.

Fattis and Monis strike

Pamphlet issued by the Catholic Students Society at Witwatersrand University in July 1979 supporting workers from Fattis nd Monis, on strike for higher wages and better working conditions.

APDUSA Bulletin 1: Don't vote!

This pamphlet aims to plead to those involved in the liberatory movement to consider carefully before taking the decision to vote or to boycott for their new candidates in the House of Representatives and in the House of Delegates.


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