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Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIII No.10 Issued 13 December 1976
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XIX No.10 Issued 18 December 1972
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XIX No.7 Issued 5 September 1972
Civil Rights News Letter, April 1961
Notes on Ngcobo
Interview with John Makhatini, conducted by Ruth Lundie
The Marquard Letters
South African Trade Unions: division under law

Throughout the world workers are organised into trade unions in their own industries and united in national trade union co-ordinating bodies. In no country but South Africa are they organized on racial, sex or color lines.

The New African: Volume 1, Number 10, October 1962
Khumalo on NGWU
Njikelana on SAAWU
Work In Progress Issue 28 August 1983
Labour action: the Allied publishing dispute
Trade Unionism:1 Trade Unions and the Party

Umsebenzi, mouthpiece of the South African Communist Party, deals with issues relating to the national liberation struggle, from a Communist ideological point of view. Other ideologies such as Marxism and Socialism are also discussed.

South African Trade Union growth, 1979-1991

Honours thesis in Industrial Psychology submitted to the University of Cape Town by Andrew Frost.

Review Article
Chapter eleven: Black labour
Chapter six: Black consciousness


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