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Workers must free Namibia
Women and SWAPO: institutionalised rape in SWAPO s prisons
We are sure of final victory
SWAPO win frees Namibia
Summary notes of a meeting between Minister Silvino da Luz, Foreign Minister of Cape Verde and Messrs D W Auret and J Marx of the Department of Foreign Affairs: Praia, Cape Verde, 24 February 1986

Notes from a diplomatic meeting between the Foreign Minister of Cape Verde and representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs. The release of Captain du Toit being held in Angola was among the issues discussed

Statement by the Honourable R F Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs: Cape Town, 20 March 1984

Statement released by Pik Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding the progress of the Joint Monitoring Commission and condemning the statement issued by the President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, in which the South African and United States Governments were criticised.

Salma prepares for a new Namibia
Russians apply pressure upon SWAPO to breakaway from China
Remarks by the Secretary-General at informal consultations in the Security Concil today ,(Namibia), Monday, 3 April 1989

A report read to the United Nations Security Council by the Secretary-General regarding the insurgence of SWAPO troops from Angola into Namibia and the increasing number of casualities involved. Includes a telex communication.

Offensiewe optrede teen SWAPO

Memorandum sent from General Magnus Malan, Chief of the South African Defence Force, to the Chairman of the State Security Council (SSC), with regard to offensives against SWAPO in the light of the SSC short term strategy for South West Africa.

Notes on meeting between Director-General and President Savimbi on 26 October 1988

Meeting between the Director-General of Namibia and President Savimbi on the progress of the Namibian negotiations and the political situation in Angola

Notas oor gesprek met hoofbestuur van SWANU op 12 Mei 1987

Notes, written in Afrikaans, about the meeting between South Africa and the leaders of the South West African National Union (SWANU)

No-one can stop us: Namibian women speak out about their struggles, hopes and dreams
Never quiet on the Western front: Angola, Namibia, South Africa, and the big powers
Namibian independence talks: Meeting at the Mulungushi Conference Hall, Lusaka, 11-13 May 1984

Report on Namibian independence talks, and implementation of UN Security Council 435, held in Lusaka in May 1984.

Namibia: the death toll mounts
MUM Congress supports SWAPO
Message to Angolan Government from the South African Government, 3 April 1981

Message from the South African Government to the Angolan Government, informing them of information indicating an increase of military activity by SWAPO in southern Angola and stating that the SA Government reserves the right to take appropriate action against SWAPO.

Message of the Honourable R F Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the Governments of the United States, Angola and Zambia: 6 March 1984

Message from Pik Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Governments of the United States, Angola and Zambia Iinforming them that due to the infilitration of a large number of SWAPO terrorists into Namibia, the South African forces will be remain in southern Angola until the Angolan authorities

Message from the Permanent Representative, New York, to D W Auret, Cape Town

Following on from Cuban protest about the announcement by the Namibian Administrator-General that SWAPO guerillas returning to Angola would be interrogated, Mr van Heerden sent a mesaage to Mr Aldana that there would be no interrogations and SWAPO would have freedom of passage for an extended per


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