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Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Soldier in camouflage holding a rifle

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Smuts Foremost Antagonist Resistance Movement

Jan Smuts, South African statesman, soldier, and prime minister (1919–24, 1939–48), who sought to promote South Africa as a responsible ...

Ingogo Heights, Dundee. Here rests a British Soldier

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Sandy Jacobson Press Article: Unsung heroine of the struggle

Sandy Jacobson (40), who was brutally assaulted and murdered over the weekend and found locked in the boot of her car on Monday, was my cousin.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Mark

I read your obituary to Sandy - Jacobsen - I did not know her surname. A DIMUNITIVE LADY. I had not planned to say that in capital letters, but there it is - she was too. You said you were cousins. I hug you closely.

Notes on Shaka
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