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Praise for the "Pass Law" issue
Washinton Post broadcast
A plea: decentralize the government
How to lose friends
Hoe on vriende kwyt te raak(article written in Afrikaans)
South Africa - from the outside
A Foreign correspondent in South Africa
The press: Strijdom's "last barrier"
The Public relations of Africa
The Two faces of terror
The embattled press
The unending struggle for the freedom of the press
In Verwoerd's South Africa: a tale of persecution

The article describes the experiences of various members of the Unity Movement and those directly involved with the liberation struggle, and illustrates the animosity of the South African Press towards the the Unity Movement and its affiliates.


Draft editorial by I B Tabata, possibly for publication in Ikhwezi Lomso, on the current political situation in South Africa.

Does Luthuli deserve the Nobel Prize?

Extract from the Rand Daily Mail, Monday, October 30, 1961. The article debating the validity of giving Albert Luthuli the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Luthuli dressed as Zulu chief, gets his prize: South Africa as a threat to world peace....


Excerpts from Nobel lecture by Luthuli in Oslo


Headlines that lie
Reply to our critics on " Pmb 2000"


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