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Black Peoples Convention: Press Release 3rd March 1973

The Black Peoples Convention press release in response to the banning of Black leaders

Press release to the Rand Daily Mail

The Black People's Convention press release, signed by Nkwenkwe Nkomo, National Organiser, states that the convention has been mandated by Black people to utilise all available resources to achieve liberation for Black people in Azania.

International Press Conference by the Honourable P W Botha, Prime Minister of the RSA on the talks between the Five Western Powers and the RSA Government regarding South West Africa

Press Conference with P W Botha regarding the independence of Namibia. Includes a joint statement by the South African Government and the five Foreign Ministers

Statement by BPC Vice-President

A press statement issued by the Black Peoples Convention, attacking Gatsha Buthelezi

Neither I nor Young did plan the march: says student leader

This press statement, signed by the Chairman, relates to misunderstading regarding the organisers of a march during the visit of Andrew Young, the United States ambassador to the United Nations

Nature and extent of the SADF's involvement in the Angolan conflict

Press release issued by Defence Headquarters in Pretoria regarding South Africa's involvement in Angola. Included is a statement issued by the Chairman of the Apartheid Committee on 24 February 1977 in response to the press release.

Soweto Students Representative Council: Press Statement 4th November 1976

A press statement confirming the stand by all students and youth of Soweto and other areas of the country that sales of any kind of liquour, including from shebeens, remain banned

Students Representative Council: Press release

This press release is a statement of rejection, by the Black youth of Azania, of the concept of Bantu homelands

Press Statement concerning the transition in Mozambique: riots, rallies etc

A press statement issued by SASO on the independance of Mozambique

Apartheid is a heresy - a crime against humanity
Black Ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church: statement on apartheid

Pamphlet containing a statement by Ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church on their stance in rejecting apartheid as it cannot be reconciled with the Word of God.

Die broederkring van predikante van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Afrika

Pamphlet, in Afrikaans, discussing the press publicity after announcing their stance in rejecting apartheid as it cannot be reconciled with the Word of God

The church and the race problem

Pamplet containing a series of articles published in the Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg, based on interviews with churchmen on the role of the Church in South Africa

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