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South African Politics: The State of Play
The Christian Understanding of Politics and Violence in South Africa
Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena
Editorial: The National Convention Idea
Turning of the Eye
Imagining a Future
Editorial: Is the U.P For Real?
Ideology and the South African Predicament
The Lesson of the Transkei
South Africa After Mandela
Only One Way
Bid to Protect Privilege
Dr. Verwoerd's Exaggerated Victory
Religion and oppression: the misuse of religion for social, political, and economic subjugation

This is the procedings for the Symposium for General Secretories of National Christian Councils and Church Leaders from Eastern and Southern Africa,which took place in Edisesa, Harare, in 1-3 August 1989. The theme of the conference was religion and oppression.

Response of the South African Council of Churches to the WCC programme to combat racism

Response of the South African Council of Churches to the WCC programme to combat racism (1969-1979).

Statement issued by The Black Peoples Convention 11th July 1973

The statement was isued in reponse to an article in the Daily News dated 4th July 1973. In the article Chief Gatsha Buthelezi makes a derogatory reference to the anti-apartheid activist Professor Dennis Brutus as a "graduate of Robben Island".

My call to ministry
Students, politics, Black power, new movements and new appraisals

A SASO pamphlet containing the historical background of the students organisation, a list of Executive members, the 1971 programme of events and a SASO message of student unity

A message to the people of South Africa: Authorised summary, 1968.

Message conveyed in a pamphlet on the year 1968 to people of South Africa regarding gospel of Jesus Christ in South Africa against the policy of racial seperation.

How to use Phambili: guidelines for activists


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