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What is apartheid?
Editorial: The "bantustan" fraud
Editorial: The vision of Verwoerd
Organisation: the only weapon
Editorial: The myth and the reality
Boycott as a political weapon
Editorial: Sunshine and shadow
The Reichstag fire
War - against whom?
I saw China
The qualified vote
An open letter from Strini Moodley to the 'Fakir' of the 'Leader' and the 'Sadiq Ally 'of the 'Graphic'

Strini Moodley examines the writings of journalists in Indian weekly newspapers who show no affiliation or sensitivity to the opressed persons of South Africa.

The political role of unions in Rhodesia
Political consciousness on the factory floor
JJ Mabena: trade unionist heading for parliament
COSATU and independent working class politics
A sign of hope

Journal article about the test of Christianity in South Africa and the close association between White politics and many Christian Churches which is eroding the integrity of the Christian religion.

Resolutions adopted by the Programme for Social Change

Resolutions adopted by the Programme for Social Change. These resolutions included the gospel and its implication, family life, politics, law and order, social action, and war and peace.

Philippines - shuffles at the top
Indian Opinion Vol.50 No.35 Sep 1952


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