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Hofmeyr Appendix I
Letter from R.J. Crisp to Paton
Letter from Fr. James to Paton
Letter from Fr. James to Paton
Letter from Paton to L Christeller
The mentality of Calvinism

Afrikaner religious and political links.

Review of "A Different Gospel" by Rev. Douglas Bax
Constantine or Abraham - The Choice Before the D.R.C.
Apartheid and The Reformed Churches
In Calvin's steps

Journal article containing an interview with Allan Boesak about the Dutch Reformed Christian Church.

The heresy of apartheid

Journal article discussing the role of the Dutch Reformed Church in supporting the South African Government's policy of apartheid.

Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.36 Sep 1958
Indian Opinion Vol.55 No.42 Nov 1957
Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.10 Mar 1954
Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.25 Jul 1958
Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.29 Aug 1958
At the apocalypse: the South African Church claims its hope - an interview

Interview with Allan Boesak about the role of South African churches, in particular the Dutch Reformed Church, in the struggle for democracy

The Dutch Reformed Church militant
The crisis in the Dutch Reformed churches
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