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Biography of George Botha

George Botha teacher - Death in Detention

Newspaper cuttings on the inquiry of the death Steve Biko

Newspaper cuttings related to the inquiry into the death of Steve Biko

Newspaper articles on the death of Steve Biko

Press cuttings on the detah of Steve Biko

Newspaper articles on Steve Biko Black Consciousness leader

Newspaper articles on Steve Biko

Should This Man Be Telling Me All This?
Alan Paton on The Shared Life
Dr Neil Agget - Inquest on the Death - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Newspaper cuttings

Letter to Mrs Dorrie Paton from J Millie
Death of a Tsotsi

Editorial on Weapons of transformation and In memoriam.

Dammirifa due

Looking back on the death of J F Kennedy on 22 November 1963 and how Africa responded.

We know truth not only by reason

The death of Dr Arthur Letele is discussed.


Letters to the editor.

In memoriam: Enver Docratt

In memory of Enver Docratt.

John Harris: an obituary profile

An obituary profile for John Harris, born in 1937 and executed in 1965.

In a guilty land

Statement by the Chairman of the United Nations Special Committee on the Policies of Apartheid of the Government of the Republic of South Africa at the 57th meeting on 7th April 1965, on executions in South Africa.

Verwoerd's South Africa

Illustration of Hendrik Verwoerd with the caption: At dawn on 1 April 1965 Frederick John Harris became the forty-seventh South African to be executed for political crimes, including sabotage and murder.

Rhoda Prager


South Africa Now, Show No 211

Transcript of news regarding the transition to Namibian independence, broadcast on South Africa Now

Press statement: Death of Japhta Masemola

Press statement by Popo Molefe of the United Democratic Front regarding the death of Japhta Masemola who sacrificed twenty-six years of his life to rid our country of the scourge of racism.


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