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The future of the United Democratic Front

A circular about how the United Democratic Front was formed, its role, the relationship between the United Democratic Front and the African National Congress and other organisations and about the future of the United Democratic Front.

Confidential briefing for the information and publicity sections of the ZAPU-ANC alliance

Briefing regarding fighting by the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union and the African National Congress against the Rhodesian army.

The Voice of the All-African Convention

Newsletter of the All African Convention, Issue 17. Covers the African National Congress and the boycott of the elections.

The crying need for funds: a guide to fund raising committees

Circular entitled "The crying need for funds: a guide to fund raising committees" during the early exile years.

Problems of social behaviour in our movement

Discussion on the questions of alcohol and drug abuse and irresponsible sexual behaviour within the organisation and how to combat these issues.

Towards a campaigning and mass based ANC

Discussion of program of action for the Western Cape Region African National Congress.

Internal circular

Internal circular regarding planning for a women's workshop and a mini-conference on women. Does not include second page.

Letter bomb and car checks

ANC circular on precautions for cadres. Lists precautions to take when opening letters and parcels and when getting into vehicles.

Interview: ANC Health Department
ANC experiences in health personnel development
ANC to step up violence
Warning: what is behind the ANC`s call for a Constituent Assembly?
The Kairos Document
The South African Council of Churches
Dr Nelson Mandela
Chief Minister speaks to the Press
What does the west want for SA?: revolution or peaceful change?
Flags fly over grave as tribute paid to ANC founder
"The ANC lives lustily in all our hearts.."
The origin of African National Congress (ANC)


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