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Sechaba Volume 23 Number 4 April 1989
Sechaba April 1988
Sechaba April 1987
Sechaba April 1985
Sechaba April 1986
Sechaba April 1984
Sechaba April 1983
Sechaba April 1982
Obituary: Mary Tabethe

Rixaka, the cultural journal of the African National Congress, was launched to establish a platform allowing full expression of the cultural voice in the national liberation movement.

Negotiations and Preconditions
Editorial: Talking to the ANC
Dakar Dialogue
One year of an unbanned ANC: the road ahead

State of the nation unauthoured paper assessing the African National Congress one year after it was unbanned.

Report of a meeting with Prof. Willem Kleynhans

Handwritten report of a meeting between representatives of the African National Congress and Professor Willem Kleynhans of the University of South Africa to discuss the professor's concern about the ANC's lack of organisational skills for the process of elections and for becoming a fully fledged

Tasks set for regions from the ANC National Reconstruction and Strategy Conference

Identifies tasks set by the ANC National Conference in Durban, July 1991 and makes recommendations. Includes Human Resources and Training, Executive Structures of Government, Premiers Office, Provincial, Metropolitan and Local Government, and ANC.

Resolution on publicity and information of the NEC meeting

Resolutions of the ANC National Executive Committee on publicity information needs and tasks. Resolved that a massive propaganda and publicity campaign should be launched locally and internationally.

Resolutions on violence

Resolutions of the National Executive Meeting of the African National Congress, 18 and 19 September 1990: Resolution on violence and resolution arising from the Report of the ANC/COSATU National Working Committee on Violence, 20 September 1990.

Draft Resolution on ANC Economic Policy for National Conference

Draft Resolution on ANC Economic Policy, finalised at a National Workshop held by the Department of Economic Policy, 11-12 May 1991, for discussion within the ANC.

ANC National Conference, July 1991, Durban: Adopted resolution MK

Resolution regarding the Umkhonto we Sizwe at the African National Congress Conference in Durban, July 2-6, 1991. Resolves that it will remain in active struggle until the adoption of a democratic constitution.


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