Gerard Bhengu

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Watercolor landscape of a rainfall in the mountain.

Paying Head Tax

Watercolor scene of African pleading with the Europeans for paying head tax.

Marrianhill Church

Black and  white  scene of old and first Marrianhill church, built by Dr. Kohler with the help of the community.

Snow in the Mountains

Landscape scene of snow in the mountains.


Portrait of a Zulu medicine man: Inyanga.

Mother and Baby

Scene of an African mother and her baby dressed in European clothes.

Bhaca Boy

Watercolor portrait of a Bhaca Boy wearing a beaded chocker.

Elderly Woman

Watercolor portrait of an elderly lady dressed in European clothes.

A Merry Zulu Man

Watercolor portrait of a merry elderly Zulu man.


Watercolor portrait of a beautiful Bhaca girl.

Zulu Man

Watercolor portrait of a Zulu man.


Watercolor portrait of a Female Sangoma.


Watercolor portrait of a handsome Bhaca man.

Mountain View

Watercolor scene of an elderly man with his dog out in the mountains.

Bee Stings

Watercolor portrait of a baby being stung by bees.

Bull Fighting

Watercolor scene of two bulls fight in the veld.

Zulu Men Sailing

Watercolor scene of Zulu men sailing on a men made boat.


Scene of two Zulu men looking over the horizon.


Watercolor scene of two African women wearing European clothes, praying.

Impi yaseSandlwane

Watercolor scene of of the Anglo boer war: Impi yaseSandlwane. 


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