Gerard Bhengu

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Dance Stick - Zulu

Zulu dancing stick

Black Christian Woman

Black Christian woman with baby on her back 

Induku Yokusina

Induku yokusina (Dancing stick)

Letter "H"

Letter H with a Zulu man herding sheep

Letter "E"

Letter E with scene of cooking in a Zulu homestead

Letter "A"

Letter "A" with Bhaca females carrying pots on their heads.

Old Zulu Man

Old Zulu man in c1929

Veld fires at night

Scene at night of two huts with lights inside and veld fires on surrounding hills

Mpande, portrait of king after angas, G.F.

Mpande, portrait of king after angas

portrait of shaka after angas (but in fact after Saunder's King)

Portrait of Shaka after angas


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