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" Ngenzani"

Scene of an old traditional Zulu man carrying a shield and stick heading cattle along the road in a rural area.

"Kwa Gogo"

Pen and colour pencil painting of Zakalisa's gramother's homestead: hut, cows grazing and mountains at the background.


Self potrait of the artist:Zakamisa Khoza in his finest clothes. 


Scene of two Zulu men, merry and drinking beer outside a hut. There is also a woman in the background carrying a water pot on the head.

" Maputo"

Colourful scene of modern square houses in the  village of Maputho with a road going through. 

" The Shepherd"

Clay figure of a Shepherd carrying a lamb on his head, wearing a striped long coat and black pants.


Scene of huts, tree and cows grazing infront during the summer season.

'Home in the Mountains'

A scene of a home, settled at the bottom of mountains ,there is a scene of a forest and a path.

'Nguni Cows'

A  scene of Nguni cows in a pool, hut and mountains in the background.

" Zimkhulu"

Colourful scene of huts from the Mzimkhulu region, among trees. 

Modern Home

Pen and colour pencil scene of square, modern house surrounded by cyprus trees.There is a school or mission in a distance  and also a scene of mountains in the background.

" Abraham"

Scene of two figures:Cane and Abel on each side of the river, one offering fish,and the other one offering a sheep on the alter. A cloud God and a happy sun hovering above them.

" Isikhala sika Thisha"

A scene of huts, and church or school modern building. There are people walking on the road and trees behind the houses.

" Ezitolo"

A pen and colour pencil scene of a series of shops, tea room, general dealer, butchery etc. Palm trees surrounding the center and mountains behind.

Rural Village

A coulourful scene of a rural homestead on receding hills, and road winding through.

Catholic Mission

Pen and colour Pencil scene of a Mission surrounded by Cypress trees.

Modern Home

Pen and colour pencil scene of a complex with garage and  a double storey. There mountains in the background.

Modern Home

Pen and colour pencil scene of square modern houses among  cyprus trees and mountains.

Bih Homestead

A scene of a rural homestead with two huts, garden, kraal and mountains in the background. Pen and colour Pencil painting.

'Over the Bridge'

A pen and colour pencil scene of a bridge across the river. Huts and mountains can be seen on the background.


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