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Pen and and colour pencil painting of huts between trees, there are mountains in the back ground.

Modern Home

Scene of a modern square house among trees. Pen and colour pencil painting.


Peaceful scene of a rural homestead with mountains in the background.

" Isigqiki"

Wooden carved headrest with four legs. The headrest has a glossy finish and is called a Cow because of its shape.


Rural trading store on mountains.Pencil on Paper.


Long dark,  wooden carved spoon with incisions on the handle a nd a sharpened tip.


Telephone wire covered bottle,used as a house decoration.

" KwaNokuthula"

A scene of an elderly woman walking through the village.

" Masihambisane"

A scene of a rural homestead with a road and mountains inthe background. There are women carrying water pots walking in the road.

" Inhloko"

A scene of three traditional men seating outside the huts eatingmeat:cow's head. The huts are sorounded by trees.

" Ngibuyel' ekhaya"

A scene of an elderly traditional Zulu mna returning home, after years staying in a township. 


Wooden carved train engine and two carriages on wood railway track with signals and overhead wire.


Watercolor scene of the river Umkomaas inbetween mountains and a hpmestead.Rural scene of homestead on mountains.


Three traditional Zulu men drinking beer in a homestead. There is also a dog with a bone closeby. 


Scene of a woman carrying a water pot, walking towards a homestead. Cows are grazing, and there are trees behind the huts.


Rural school on mountains in a distance.


Waterbuck in the river. Mountainous background.


Scene of huts, trees, and high mountains. 


Scene of homestead as compound in Richmond,sorrounded by trees and  mountains.


A scene of huts, road with river running under the bridge. There is also a row of trees and mountains in this pen and colour pencil painting.


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