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Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to M.D. Naidoo on the 2nd October

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to M.D. Naidoo

2017 Dr Phyllis Naidoo Memorial Lecture

The University of KwaZulu-Natal and the Special Collections Gandhi
Luthuli Documentation Centre – Westville Campus, UKZN
request the pleasure of your company
to the
2017 Dr Phyllis Naidoo Memorial Lecture
Topic: Advancing the Platform of Non-Racialism – Marking

26th June, 1986 - Freedom day

letter to a family member. political history

2nd Letter to M.D.Naidoo for MARCH, 1971

All being well I should see you on Saturday the 27th March,
and if t he authorities give this to you before I do, so much the

30th April 1986

Letter from a friends

A 'Public Health Nuisance': The Victoria Street Early Morning Squatters Market, 1910-1934

The focus of this paper is the "Indian Market", a famous tourist landmark in Durban.

A brief biography of my maternal grandfather Mr Rangasamy Pillay who was a professional sienne netter for approximately sixty years
A Brief history of the Glendale Sugar Mill

This project outlines the progress of the mill from
1880 to the present day. It also discusses the history
of transport at Glendale, its farmers, workers and
future as a sugar industry-.

A brief review of Indian Education in Natal 1962

Indian education in Natal upon the arrival of the immigrants was initiated by at least: two Church missions in the country, the Church of S.A. and the Wesleyan .

A contextualization and examination of the impi yamakhanda (1906 uprising) as reported by J. L. Dube in Ilanga Lase Natal, with special focus on Dube’s attitude to Dinuzulu as indicated in his reportage on the treason trial of Dinuzulu

The thesis explores not only the history but also the competing histories of 1906. It is however no claim to represent the entire history - undoubtedly a period of great complexity, and a time of tragedy for the African people that culminated in their

A diversity of control – power and the foundation of Lion’s Bush Conservancy

This paper is a draft of a case study intended to form part of my MA thesis. Please do not
quote from it in this form.
The focus of the MA is the particular expression of informal wildlife conservation in two KZN

A geography of hawking at the Westcliffe market
A historical investigation into the garment industry in Natal with specific reference to the garment workers industrial union [Natal]

The history of the Garment Workers Industrial Union indicates that its strategy is one of negotiation and subordination.

A historical investigation into the garment industry in Natal with specific reference to the garment workers industrial union [Natal]

The Importance of Local History
The Necessity of Trade Unions
The Growth of Trade Unions in South Africa
(from Craft Unions to Industrial Unions)
Labour Unrest and State Legislation

A I Kajee His Work for the SA Indian Community

I first met Abdulla Kajee on the quay at Durban in July, 1929, when I stepped off a British India steamer at the end of a long journey. Fresh from the rural life of northern India, South African Indians and their complex
problems seemed to me strange and a little alarming.

A qualitative investigation into the risk and protective factors that mediate non-fatal suicidal behaviour in Indian adolescents (Thesis, 2008)

Considering the escalating rate of suicidal behaviour in adolescents, not much is
known about the risk and protective factors that mediate non-fatal suicidal behaviour
among this group. This study has focused on exploring the subjective worlds of Indian

A socio-economic profile of four market gardening communities in metropolitan Durban
A Study of African Domestic Workers in an Indian Township Tongaat (Ghandinagar) [1986].

This research is undertaken in the belief that sociologists and anthropologists in South Africa have a particular obligation to record the injustice and exploitation that surround us and of which we are often a contributing factor.

A study of strategic manangement among Indian Businesses of Durban

The development of the concept of strategy as an explicit tool
for managing economic and social organizations is of recent
origin in both management, theory and practice. During the
past decade a great deal of emphasis has been given to strategy


submitted in part fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of HONOURS BACHELORS Department of Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Durban-Westville.


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