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Capital as Toil: Peasant-Workers and the Agrarian Past in a South Indian Industrial Town

Tiruppur town, in Tamilnadu state, was propelled to the center of India's cotton knitted
garment exports through in the last two decades of the 20th century. What is key about
industry in Tiruppur is that work has been organized through networks of small firms

Challenges facing informal sector micro-enterprises in Newlands West : the case of female owned home-based dress-making enterprises (Thesis, 2007)

This study seeks to investigate the challenges facing informal sector micro-enterprises in Newlands West, using the case study of female owned home-based dress making enterprises in the South West of Durban.

Changing form and political purpose in selected works of Ronnie Govender

This dissertation explores changing form and political purpose in selected works of Ronnie Govender, by analysing reasons for the shifts in Govender’s choice of genre, and the effects of these genre shifts in his work.

Chief Gatsha Buthelezi

IFP - KwaZulu-Natal

Church and State relations: the story of Bophuthatswana and its independence from 1977 to 1994

A dissertation submitted in accordance with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Theology in the subject History at the University of South Africa.

Civil Society vs. the State: identity, institutions, and the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa

A dissertation presented to the Facilty of the Graduate School of Yale University in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.


If one were to drive to Clairwood on a Saturday morning and simply observe the street scenes, one would form a spectrum of impressions. Some people are shopping, others are taking a walk, or talking to friends, family or neighbours....

Coffee and arrowroot - the quest for a staple agricultural export in the colonial economy of Natal

The publication of Guest and Sellers book Enterprise and Exploitation in a Victorian Colony in 1985 represents an important milestone in the historiography of Natal in that it is the first collection of essays, focusing on specific social and economic characteristics and phenomena of colonial soc

Compare unitary and federal Governments and discuss whether federalism will be a suitable constitutional arrangement for South Africa?

Will political power in South Africa's new constitution be centralised or decentralised?

Conformity and conflict: Afrikaner nationalist politics in South Africa

Thesis sumitted to the Faculty of Social Studies, for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the Oxford University.

Conscripts to their age: African National Congress operational strategy, 1976-1986

Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of D.Phil. in Politics in the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Oxford. Abstract: The ANC's stress on armed struggle often, paradoxically, seemed to undermine its efforts to wage armed struggle.

Contemporary black two-dimensional art in Natal

Aims to show how, during the period 1950 to 1980, two-dimensional fine art tradition in Natal followed a path that saw the art move from a largely ethnographic base to reflect and be a part of the change that was looming in society by the late 1970s.

Critical success factors of successful Indian entrepreneurs in the Tshwane metropolitan area

This work seeks to explore the critical success factors that influence the success of Indian small business owners in the Tshwane area.

Discuss the formation and development of the organization of African Unity after its ten years existence.

The roots of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)......

Discuss the political validity of Martin Luther King;s role in the Civil Rights Struggle in the United States

Political Science Project

Draft theses: The Worker's Party of South Africa

The theses is written on the basis of both the economic and political conditions of South Africa and serves as a programme for the Workers' Party of South Africa, as well as discussion on literature of Marxism and Leninism, particularly that of the Bolshevik-Leninists.

Effectiveness of staff development programmes in Indian secondary schools

In this study, the elements of successful staff development programmes were identified and used as a frame of reference to determine the effectiveness of such programmes in Indian secondary schools. The empirical study revealed the strengths and weaknesses of current programmes.

Exploring the foundations of an Islamic identity in a global context : a study of the nature and origins of Cape Muslim identity

This thesis primarily deals with the nature and origins of Cape Muslim identity.

Fictional constructions of Grey Street by selected South African Indian writers.

This thesis explores the fictional constructions of Grey Street by selected South
African Indian writers to establish a deeper understanding of the connection between
writers, place and identity in the South African Indian context. The concepts of 'place'

For freedom without hunger: aspects of the South African Congress of Trade Unions with reference to the Western Cape

Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Degree of BA Honours in Economic History at the University of Cape Town by Barbara Sudano, February 1984.


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